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My guess is that there are a lot of secrets in Second Life…certainly some of the secrets I’ve been told make me think so. And it’s a shame that because they’re secrets, there are fascinating subjects that don’t get much treatment from the “inside”. What about you? Got any secrets? Maybe you even have some insights into our Second Lives that you can’t share because you only know them from your secret?

So here’s an invitation to anyone with a secret Second Life – a secret alt, secretly a different age or gender than your avatar, secretly in love with someone, secretly having an affair, secretly anything. If you know some things that the rest of us might learn from, then please contact me somehow…through a throwaway e-mail account, maybe, or through a throwaway alt, or even through IMs from your usual identity if you feel comfortable with that. I’m interested in interviewing you, and possibly posting excerpts of the interview here…with nothing identifying to give you away. And I certainly won’t blab your secret to anyone else as long as you’re not, you know, planning to blow up an elementary school or anything.

And of *course* I’m not putting this call out there because I love to know other people’s secrets. This is purely journalistic something something integrity something enlightenment of the populace. Seriously.

(Actually I *am* a bit curious…but don’t tell anyone!)

^^^\ Kate /^^^