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Long, long ago, Eris Fallon and I built the Diversionarium, a venue that had word and building and social games instead of the more usual entertainments. We had

* Quoste, a quote guessing game for groups that gives clues to words that you use to try to guess a quote
* Avisleuth, a getting-to-know-you game where everyone answers questions anonymously and tries to figure out who answered what
* Mystery Build, a building guessing game (not very different from Primtionary)
* Limeruckus, a group limerick game that generates a random first line to a limerick, letting players take turns adding the other lines, and the
* Improvistation, a tool that gives out cards to actors for on-stage improvisations.

When some months further along we no longer were able to run a venue, we talked to our friends, and the founders of Extropia, including Sophrosyne Stenvaag, Vidal Tripsa, Argent Bury, and Galatea Gynoid, agreed to adopt the Div in their beautiful, retro-futuristic Extropia sims. One of the very nice things about this was that Soph had begun a series of Saturday Salon events that had built up a community of fascinating people, and many of the people who gathered at those events contributed to the emergence of Extropia.

The Diversionarium games in their new Extropian home

After some delay, a new Div is up! Yesterday in the Dirac Sea sim in Extropia, three of the original five Diversionarium games (Quoste, Mystery Build, and Avisleuth) were newly offered in Extropia in an attractive, tower-like build by Galatea Gynoid.

There’s also a dance club upstairs, which seems like a very good complement to the more talky, wordy Div games. It’s a little wilder than the old Div was, which is good, because Second Life could use some clubs that break the mold! But I’ll go on and on about that subject another time. 🙂

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