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Seeing my post yesterday about secrets, moggsoceanlane passed along a link to SL Secret, a regular feature on the Shopping Cart Disco fashion blog, where people send in images with brief disclosures on them. Some of them are artistically remarkable. Many of them are kind of shocking. Some of them I’m not sure I believe. A lot of them I do.

The kinds of secrets on Shopping Cart Disco aren’t quite what I’m hoping to be able to report on here, maybe because talking about fashion (since it is a fashion blog) keeps attention on appearances and sex…but for what I’m seeking here, I can’t help but think that there are people who have learned something from their secrets, like grizzygriswold has from her experiences, who can share something of what impact it has on their lives to have the secret they have. I’m looking less for confessions and more for takeaways. And I’m hoping that maybe it will help people to have a non-judgemental, supportive person to tell their secret to who will keep it for them.

By contrast, here’s a confession from SL Secret:

Kate would like to emphasize that this is not her

Say what you will about the moral issues, that’s some effective art right there.

The SL Secret feature seems to be mainly people who have something they’re bursting to say, but that would make people very upset or scornful at them if they shared it…that they’re causing a relationship to break up, that they despise someone, that they have secret fears. And it’s fascinating and maybe a good way to get some relief to have a site like that. I would worry that it glorifies doing and thinking harmful things, but of course the comments are full of condemnation.

They have this kind of thing for First Life too, of course, for instance here: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ . Since it’s not a fashion blog, the secrets there are a little less sordid.

Enjoy the confessions. ๐Ÿ™‚

^^^\ Kate /^^^

PS – Yes, I have heard from someone already about a secret.