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I hope you’ll still be my friend when you find out that I’ve been sitting on this information for almost a year and hadn’t posted it. In my defense, more people have been taking the LiveJournal sex survey I posted last October, so that now there are more than 60 respondents (thank you to everyone who replied!). If you haven’t replied yet and you do have or have had virtual sex in Second Life, please stop by and fill in the blanks! I’m afraid a LiveJournal account is required, though.

The last question was a fill-in-your answer type, and because of the privacy settings, the answers weren’t shown (which was very proper). But I meant to get back and post them eventually. Well, eventually has come! We now have 35 answers to the question “What’s the most unusual or outrageous kind of virtual sex you’ve had?” (not all survey-takers responded to that one). Keep in mind that the kinkier a person is, the more likely they would be to answer a question like this, so this is not a representative sampling of Second Life residents!

Some of these, honestly, I’m going to have to Google after I put up this post. [A later note: I finished Googling, and you really might *not* want to look up terms you don’t know. Of course, I’m sure I just made you more curious, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!] Here they are:

What’s the most unusual or outrageous kind of virtual sex you’ve had?
* with a unicorn
* BDSM play that was being mirrored in RL at the time
* Sex as a Hermaphrodite with another SL herm.
* best not to say
* I don’t think of anything I’ve done in SL as unusual or outrageous.
* Dolcett play….look it up!
* Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it?
* Using poseballs that caused us to move like gymnasts. 🙂
* naughty school girl with teacher
* Voreaphilia.
* Someone else watched.
* semi-public sex on a bondage bench at CARP
* Wild IM sex while sitting beside one another at a Greedy Greedy table, in the middle of a public game. * In fact, I was hosting the game…….. >.>
* Realizing most SLers are horrible RPers and bad typists, becoming disinterested in it all, eventually never having sex again in SL. 🙂
* Bloodplay!
* A D&S threesome with a two girls and a furry
* mating werewolves(male)
* Duelling strap-ons
* I haven’t done anything outrageous in either First Life or SL.
* on voice
* Um. Just kissing my RL husband’s avatar. 😀 I am a prude! Zomg!
* um….got any suggestions? ; )
* Being taken by six people at once
* with a horse
* Sensual stoneworks
* both being offline and IMing via e-mail (partner was online when we started)
* we were in someone elses house using their kinky poseballs and they came home and caught us lol but we were AFK on cam and voice and didnt know hehe
* A lesbian threesome with two shemales
* I’m pretty tame, actually. Doing it in full view of others is about as outrageous as I ever got.
* yiffy, demon, tentacle (and maybe two or three others)
* I’m working on it…
* Nothing’s outrageous anymore.
* Scat. Did it once, never again. If I’d known that’s what they were into, I wouldn’t have done it even once
* Spanking