If you volunteered to be among the first to try Meetaverse as we preview it for a smallish group, you should have a Notifier from me, which is a Second Life tool that will set up your Meetaverse account for you. If you haven’t gotten yours, or you have any trouble, just e-mail me at meetaverse at gmail. 🙂

*Kate attempts to contain her glee…and will probably have an easier time once she gets started on the serious business of support!*

By the way, one thing not to trip up on…your Meetaverse account can’t contain identifying or contact information, so your Meetaverse name can’t relate to your Second Life or First Life name. This tiresome fact is explained in the FAQ ( http://www.meetaverse.net/faq.aspx ) if you’re curious about the whys.

Thanks again to everyone who’s giving it a whirl!

^^^\ Kate /^^^