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A little while back I posted an entry about Beebo Brink’s Classic Lines series of attractive, older skins for women. There was so much to say about those that I had to wait until later to talk about Beebo’s unusual, lesbian-friendly offerings, including butch shapes and Dyke-in-a-Box avatars. These help fill a real gap in Second Life products, items for First Life lesbians that offer a real alternative to the two-femmes look that dominates Second Life.

(I’m very much in favor of two femmes, two butches, or any other combination, but really, there’s been quite a lack of options!)

Beebo also offers no-makeup skins that aren’t included in these reviews, but you should have a good idea of the quality if you take a look at the Classic Lines skins in the earlier post.

For a fun costume option, Beebo offers a fun avatar of 20th century bisexual Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. I must admit, I don’t find this avatar as attractive or elegant as some of Beebo’s other work, but it *does* evoke Frida very well. (Note that all of the clothes in this post are out of my inventory; the avis don’t include them. I’ve seen the Frida avatar pictured with a dress often associated with the artist, though…I’d love to see that included with the package.) Skin, hair and shape *are* included with Frida. Most of Beebo’s avatars include shape, skin, and styling notes (which are a great idea!), but not hair…the two avis I review here are an exception in the hair department.

Another avi Beebo offers is called Jazz Hawt, a butch black woman avatar with strength and elegance…really marvelous! Again, these are my clothes on the avi. A very different look than we often see in Second Life, and I hope one that catches on!

You can find Beebo’s store Brazen Women here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ookami%20Ningen/94/108/27/?title=Brazen%20Women . 🙂 She offers a freebie dyke walk, sports uniforms, avatars, shapes, and skins.

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