To my wonderful preview users of Meetaverse, thank you so much for all your feedback so far! I’m working hard on some of the issues you’ve told us about, have Lucas working on others, and have fixed others.

The most ridiculously awful problem to date is that “full member” status wasn’t automatically getting turned on for anyone, so nobody was able to send anyone else a message! That has been fixed, so now you can actually *use* Meetaverse! Sorry about that. This is why I’m so grateful you’re helping me find the kinks so that when it’s opened to the world, all of these things will be sorted out.

There’s also currently a nuisance problem with loading profiles where sometimes they don’t come up, but all you have to do is reload one or a few times and up they come…of course that’s a top priority one.

Hope you’re having fun! Just e-mail Meetaverse help if you find anything, or get in touch whatever way is most handy. 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^