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Let’s assume you already know about my obsession with wings in Second Life and jump right to the question of why, when there are wingmakers like Material Squirrel and Jen Shikami of Seven’s Selections and Seraphina Pinion, along with some other innovative wing options like Coadey Concord’s Aurora particle wings, there would be any need to get excited about new wings of any description. What is there about Violaine Villota’s wings from her shop Fancy Fairy that would make her store an important stop for wing-lovers?

In a word, it’s the textures. Her wings do have some nice features, and I’ll mention them, but it’s the lovely textures that enchant me so much.

Aphrodite wings in the ‘seafoam’ color scheme

Violaine has a very specific audience: fairies. Her store, Fancy Fairy, offers clothing and wings for women in fairy styles, and in designing her fairy wings, Violaine shows a delicate and artistic sense of color.

I’ve already seen quite a number of beautiful fairy wings, like Jen Shimami’s Dragonfly and Ragged Fairy wings (staples in my wing wardrobe), and the delicate Flux and Faylinn styles from Material Squirrel. Violaine’s stand out even in this lovely crowd, however: she frankly has more detailed painting and a much greater use of subtle coloration in her wings than I’ve seen anywhere.

Lilt wings in the ‘harvest’ color scheme

Like virtually all good wings these days, Violaine’s are scripted to offer a slow, fluttering movement when you want it–they offer two variations of flutter plus one called flap. They also can be opened, raised, lowered, closed, put in resting position, or made rigid. You can control glow or recolor the wings by clicking, although the coloration menu is a little awkward, and recoloring wings that have been designed with a particular pallette doesn’t always lead to the result you might expect.


Animations are controlled through chat (for instance, by saying /7 flutter), and may need to be re-animated after teleporting.

In the packs I looked at, the wings came in five sizes, from extra-small to extra-large, with an additional set of non-scripted, flexi wings in the small size. Most of her wing styles seem to be double wings, that is, two on each side.

Large Aphrodite wings

The other remarkable thing about these wings, even though it isn’t specifically a selling feature for Second Life, is that Violaine (or Angela Jarman, as we should call her here) also makes fairy wings and costumes for First Life, and her First Life wings are just as beautifully-textured and colored as her Second Life ones. Just look! Angela is the only person I know who sells the same kind of product in both Second Life and First Life, and does a lovely job of it in both.

Angela Jarman, wearing a pair of her own wings

I have absolutely no excuse for dressing up like a fairy and wearing wings like that in First Life, but when I see Angela doing it so beautifully I think, is it time to be jealous yet? Yes, I think it is.

Her fairy costumes, which make clever use of sculpties, colors and patterns and come with matching wings, are lovely as well.

Queen Bee

Olde World Faery

Her store (there are six locations; here’s a link to the main one) offers a few lovely freebies, including a pair of free wings. Wings and outfits that include wings go for L$200 and up; generally the prices are quite reasonable.

Angela has a Ning group called the Fairy Society, a flickr group, and a blog as well. Her First Life wing shop is at www.fancyfairy.com.

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