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I hope you’ll forgive a post that’s little more than pictures of me, but Violaine Villota’s wings got me thinking about faerie skins, which got me trying on some lovely ones I have from Faerie Hax (faerie-h), which reminded me that I have a beautiful Faerie outfit I never get to wear from Chaospire, which reminded me of my leaf jewelry…well, in the end I had a very different faerie look from the one I’ve used before (you can see my accustomed faerie-self in the thumbnail), and I couldn’t help darting off to Bettina Tizzy’s Chakryn Forest and getting a few pictures. Self-indulgent? Well, yes. But I also get to show off some beautiful work by people like Bettina and Farie and Violaine, so that’s a good excuse, isn’t it? (Oh, just *pretend* it is, OK?)

Here’s a later edit: Despite the relative dates, honestly: I wasn’t trying to copy Lanna’s outfit in this lovely picture…I’ve had my Chaospire outfit for almost two years! Well, at least we didn’t show up wearing it at the same time. 😉

^^^\ Kate /^^^