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Listless? Lack direction? Having a hard time differentiating yourself from the crowd? Maybe you’re a bot! Take this easy quiz and find out.

1. When you “wake up” in Second Life, do you…?
a) Send IMs to your friends, change your outfit, and choose whether to go shopping or dancing for the day
b) Teleport to an isolated area and resume work on your building project
c) Wander around looking for friends who won’t betray you like that b*tch Amulenia7
d) Zzzz

2. Would you describe your wardrobe as…?
a) So full, it’s likely to collapse in on itself and form a black hole
b) Better than Barbie’s
c) Containing a small number of carefully-chosen outfits
d) N00bwear

3. Is your friends list…?
a) Carefully pruned to remove people you haven’t heard from in a long time or have turned out to be not worth your time
b) Enormous and full of people you don’t remember meeting
c) Too short, but growing
d) What’s a friends list?

4. What are your feelings about virtual sex?
a) It would be a shame for this perfect body to go to waste!
b) Only with my First Life girlfriend and my Second Life boyfriend
c) If Philip Linden had meant us to have sex, he would have given us Bits
d) I think some people have had it with me while I was away

5. How would you characterize your relationship to your First Life self?
a) Superman to Clark Kent (or Wonder Woman to Diana Prince)
b) Like a dim reflection of my incredible First Life coolness
c) Pinocchio to Gepetto
d) Salieri to God

Count up the number of times you answered “d”, then use this handy key to find out if you’re really a bot!

5 “d” answers…….you’re a bot, you were always a bot, and you’ll always be a bot.

3-4 “d” answers…….you’re almost certainly a bot, but try counseling just in case!

1-2 “d” answers…….much more like a real person, but…sorry, you’re still a bot.

0 “d” answers…….You’re not a bot. Unless you’ve been programmed to believe you’re not a bot, in which case you definitely are a bot. Try not to think about it too much. šŸ™‚

^^^\ Kate /^^^