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Interesting! I just found out some week-old news about Wharton legal studies and business ethics professor Kevin Werbach, who is co-chairing President Elect Obama’s FCC transition team, which makes him a key person to help steer Internet and virtual worlds policy for the future. Mr. Werbach plays World of Warcraft as part of two guilds: one to destroy monsters and win treasure, the other to study virtual worlds. (But Mr. Werbach, if you’re studying virtual worlds, come out to Second Life, where the chaos is!)

Here’s the GigaOm article: http://gigaom.com/2008/11/18/obamas-fcc-transition-team-co-chair-a-wow-player/

Mr. Werbach (photo by acaben)

I really don’t know what, if anything much, this will mean for virtual worlds, but somehow I suspect it’s a very good sign…by which I mean this: if Senator Obama is smart enough to draw on the knowledge of someone who (I hope!) understands virtual worlds, then it may be that the United States will be a place where the government has an intelligent and enlightened stance toward virtual worlds that could eventually mean more fair and safe policies for virtual worlds and more opportunities for virtual worlds to help our economy, our culture, our ability to share information, and so on. Right now virtual reality is mostly all fun and potential, but some day it will mean much, much more. Why not start planning for “someday” now?

Since Senator Obama is now president elect rather than just a candidate, and since therefore it’s patriotic to support him, does anyone mind if I mention that I sleep better at night, hearing each day what he and his transition team are up to?

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