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I’ve posted other posts where I wax awestruck about the wonderful creations of brother-and-sister team Seven and Jen Shikami, so I won’t crush on them in this post, too, except to say: here’s something fun to do tonight! Jen and Seven are doing their second annual benefit for Child’s Play, a charity that provides toys and games for children’s hospitals, in which they give all of their profits during the event–including sales of Jen’s beautiful wings and Seven’s cunning video game virtualizations, profits from the Insert Coin arcade, and Seven Seas fishing game income (they invented it, you know) to Child’s Play – and they’re matching the first $500 raised, out of their own pockets. 🙂

Jen and Seven. Photo by (I think!) Crap Mariner

The event is from 4 to 10 PM Second Life time, and you can participate anywhere on the grid you find Seven Seas fishing, or come to the stores or to the event at Jen and Seven’s Flotsam Beach sim. I live nearby, so I hope to stop in and take a walk down the street to participate for a bit, if I can. 🙂 Have fun, and provide some toys, OK?

Thanks to Lanna for the tip… 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^