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Well, I’ve tried being “actual size” (which is to say, I tried shrinking my avatar to more closely match my First Life height) and I don’t really think there’s much in it for me. Here are some reasons for that.

First of all, Dale Innis pointed out that even people who have measured themselves may well not know what size they are! joshooahlove kindly sent me a height detector (thank you, Joshooah!), and although it tried very hard, it told me I was a good bit shorter than I thought I was. Here’s the picture:

The detector measured the prim, which wasn’t exactly my precise size …

So the chance of other people being properly scaled to my height is not very good at all, even if more people were to become interested in matching their First Life height.

Second, as I shrunk myself down, things started fitting worse. The one hug I tried at that height worked all right, but there have been other animations that shortchange me even at my usual, taller height. When I was small, my jewelry floated above by skin, and my hair began to look like an ill-fitting wig.

And third, there were some excellent points made in comments to my last size post that convinced me that a “normal size” in Second Life is not the same thing as a “normal size” in First Life. It’s not much use trying to recreate First Life exactly in Second Life, not only because Second Life isn’t capable of it, but also because a lot of other people in Second Life are going out of their way to make it a place that *isn’t* like First Life. But then, I probably fall into that camp, what with the wings and all. πŸ™‚

One thing I really did like about being shorter, though, was that my body felt more real to me, a little less stretched or skinny. For a long time my Second Life self has felt comfortably proportioned, but in the last month or two for some reason I’ve been feeling too skinny. I don’t mean that I’ve felt like I needed to add pounds to be more realistic, because I’m pretty slim in First Life too…it’s just that I felt stretched out. So when I moved my height slider from 40 back up to 57, I also moved the next slider, “body thickness,” from 0 up to 10 (after experimenting with 15 and 20, which looked too blocky and heavy to me). The difference seems barely noticeable in these pictures, below, but it feels nicer somehow. πŸ™‚

OK, who else is experimenting with their body these days? My friend Eveline made a beautiful transformation from a form she’d had for quite some time (that was also quite pretty). Any chance of a guest post, hon?

^^^\ Kate /^^^