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A note! I already got the fixes for two out of three things I complain about below. 🙂

Yes, I know: what a ridiculous amount of time to go between posts! The holidays began the distractions, and First Life has become even more engrossing. I know it’s probably not healthy to spend all my time in First Life to the detriment of my Second Life, but you know how it is…you start playing First Life and you just get caught up in it.

And worse, when I come back to blogging, all I do is complain! Here goes:

Much of the time when I go back into Second Life these days, I seem to have a problem that the textures on me keep reloading and reloading, so I keep going out of focus and looking like a creepy melted waxwork (at least to myself!) – and even when I come back in focus, there are problems, usually a strange line of lightness around my eyes.

The other problem I’ve been seeing, which I hope is a temporary Second Life glitch that will be fixed soon, is that some clothing textures are repeating and extending in ways they were never meant to repeat or extend! For instance, in this picture I’m not wearing socks or pants, just glitch pants that go with the skirt…yet the glitch pants seem to want to go right down over my toes! It’s ridiculous, really. If it weren’t a glitch, it would be very handy for making tights that could be worn with just one item or stockings that go a little higher up on the thigh, but as it is, it’s just creating havoc with certain outfits, including a few of my briefer things from Armidi. Surely the Lindens That Be will make this right?

By the way, the dress in the picture is a freebie, in fact, from a store with all kinds of cute things in it, Sin & Secret. It has a bit of a BareRose feel to it, though I think BareRose has a level of imagination I’ve hardly seen anywhere else.

Oh, and as long as I’m complaining, I’ll certainly have to see whether there’s anything I can do about the not-so-gorgeous quality level of the JPEGs Second Life will now kindly save screen shots to. This picture is a good example…why present pictures of Second Life if they’re not clear and unmuddled?

Wish me luck, and the same to you with your glitches, whether they’re in First Life or Second.

^^^\ Kate /^^^

Here’s an update: First, I had my JPEG quality set to 75 (in the snapshot window), so when I cranked that up, I got the picture below.

Plus, I got this very helpful note (with the sender’s name left off for privacy). Joshooah also nailed it, in comments. 🙂


Read your blog about the glitch where pants cover feet, shirt covers hands, etc.

As an SL mentor, I get questions about this fairly often.

It’s an nVidia card problem. Although this problem has been reported with other graphic cards, it does not happen as often.


Go into Advanced (Ctrl + Alt + D)/ Rendering/Features/Palletized Textures (uncheck palletized textures).

Then, Rebake (Ctrl + Alt + R)

This usually clears up the problem. Hope it works for you, as well.

Have a good day.

My glitch, fixed, with an improved JPEG snapshot. (Those are now tights I’m wearing.)