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While I’ve mentioned wings here before that I think are real stand-outs, there are so many gorgeous wings out these days that it hardly seems fair to single out a particular vendor at the expense of others. Still, Cherry Hotaling had passed along two pairs of her Spellbound wings to me quite some time ago, and I’ve been wearing them so often that it’s obvious I need to pass on what I know to you, dear reader, in case you need something new to flutter.

Pictured to the right are her White Fairy Wings.

Cherry has a very modest collection of just three types of wings, two of which are pictured here. All of her wings sell for L$275 and are available at Cherry’s Spellbound Animations, her store on Rendervisions Isle (climb the steps into the tree!). The wings will flap automatically, and there are some nice features and adjustments of the kind you would hope for on a good pair of wings, allowing you to adjust the flapping and the flexiness, or hide the wings when you’re on the ground, and so on. Here’s the menu you get when you click on your wings:

I do like her White Fairy Wings, but my favorites (although my mood for wearing these is rarer) are her Bat Wings, below, which have a beautifully detailed, gauzy texture. The texture is so nice, it feels as though they have substance and thickness.

This picture was taken in the Fallen Providence sim, which I believe is an apocalyptic roleplaying environment-in-progress. The antihalo is from my shop, Kate Tease. Note: there are also free (well, L$1) particle wings there, along with some other freebies.

So there we are. I know it’s not an impressive post for having not been posting for so long, but at least now you know I’m still alive and fluttering somewhere. 🙂

^^^\ Kate /^^^