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If you’re an old-timer like me, you might remember The Diversionarium, a venue Eris Fallon and I created oh, about two years ago. It was a different kind of venue, built around games, especially social games. I created five games for it that I’ve never put up for sale. At a certain point we didn’t have the time to keep the Div going, so we had to give it up, and the heirs to it unfortunately had some struggles of their own. That means that the games are only available in one or two places in Second Life (like Grizzy’s Cafe). If there are venue owners out there who might like me to give them a game or two to use, please IM me! Here’s what they are:

Mystery Build is similar to some building games that resis play at events in Second Life. One player is the builder and the rest are guessers. The builder chooses how hard a challenge they want, and the game gives them something that they have to build. The guessers have a time limit in which to guess what the build is. Then the build is cleared away and a new round can start.

Avisleuth asks a group of avatars a personal question that they can answer creatively. Everyone puts in their answer, and then players try to guess which answer goes with which person. The winner is the one with the most right guesses.

Quoste is a game for everyone to play together as a team. The game gives a clue, and everyone tries to guess what word the clue is refers to. Once the word is guessed, there’s another clue and another, all adding up to a quote. The team gets a higher score by guessing the clues quickly and by guessing the quote before it’s done.

Limeruckus generates a random first line of a limerick, and then players take turns adding lines until the limerick is done.

The Improvistation offers a bunch of options for different scenes players can act out: it’s basically a tool for amateur theater improvisation, and works best if someone’s organizing it.

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