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Someone posted a question in a comment on my post from long ago about how to have sex in Second Life (http://kateamdahl.livejournal.com/927.html), and I thought the answer might be handy for some people who read this blog, although others will know all about this!

The question was how to show hidden pose balls in public areas. So: the exact command depends on the particular pose balls, but it’s usually something like /1 show . /1 means that you’re sending a command on “channel 1”, because scripts in Second Life use channels, which can be practically any number, though 1 is very common.

If you want to find out whether there are any hidden pose balls around or not, you can press ctrl-alt-T on a Windows computer or choose Highlight Transparency from the View menu on any computer to see hidden items, which show up in a kind of ghostly red. 🙂 Do the same thing to turn the feature back off…what with particles and hidden attachments and transparent textures and everything, there can be a lot of red on the screen even when there are no secrets!

^^^\ Kate /^^^