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In First Life, I’m a pretty sensible and restrained buyer of clothes. In Second Life…well, not so much. My wardrobe ranges from the conservative (which by Second Life standards means that you can’t see the nipples), to the pugnacious, to the downright meretricious, and if you don’t know what that means, you’re in exactly the same boat I was in before a certain friend of mine drove me to the dictionary.

I don’t get to spend nearly as much time as I’d like to in Second Life these days, but when the moist air of this overheated summer…

No, I can’t do it. You see, there was a kind of challenge between my friend Lanna and me to use a given list of words in our next posts. I gave her words like “panacea”, “absenteeism”, and “marshmallow”, and she gave me “meretricious” (which is a hilarious word), “pus”, “moist”, “pugnacious”, and “flaccid”. Now, I do have meretricious and pugnacious outfits, so I was fine at first, but the rest of the words were bringing the post somewhere that, to be honest, I just didn’t want to go, so I’m not going to…oh, wait! I think I did just use them. Mission accomplished! And back to what’s really important, which is to say…my wardrobe.

This Hunt Club outfit from Last Call had been quietly hiding in my inventory for a year or two. I got to wear it at a wonderful new live music venue last night, Ka-Leo-Lani, where I mostly listened to Maximillion Kleene, who was terrific.

I really don’t know how many outfits I have in my Second Life wardrobe, but my guess is about 300. I know that’s not going to break any records, but honestly: that’s a lot of outfits! And I bought virtually every one of those outfits specifically because I thought I would enjoy wearing it from time to time, and despite the level of organization I bring to my inventory from my professional life and natural inclination (see my post Who’s in charge: you or your inventory?), there are some I’ve completely forgotten I had, and others I think I know about but don’t remember how really elegant or sweet or sassy or interesting they are. So I hit on a plan to, over time, wear everything in my inventory, or close to it. It’s a very simple plan, so I thought I’d share it with you. After going on and on for this whole post so far, it’s just a single sentence: I created a “Worn recently” folder and move each outfit I wear into it as soon as I change into something else. (Actually, I have a “worn recently” folder in each of two clothing folders, but the idea is the same.) Then, when choosing something to wear, I almost always pick something that’s not in the “worn recently” folder, which causes me to wander through my inventory and see what I have, making some wonderful discoveries on the way.

That’s it! Clearly posting less often hasn’t made the posts I write any deeper or more fascinating, but I hope this strategy will be useful to a few resis out there! πŸ™‚

^^^\ Kate /^^^