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Well, First Life just keeps getting to be more and more of an attention hog, so in an unexpected and frankly uncharacteristic spate of sanity, I’m going to be selling my store and land (which by the way are very pretty, cheap, and situated on a Linden Road with nearby land available for expansion).

My store is called Kate Tease. (Get it? 😉 )

My store hasn’t really been my focus for quite some time, so this is maybe even a bit overdue. 🙂 Anyway, in celebration (or something) of selling the store, I’ve made everything in it free. This includes women’s smart remark tops, like “In RL, I’m kissing your girlfriend right now” and “What part of YES don’t you understand?”…

Color change fairie glow, wing mask, color change anti-halo, animated Black Angel bullwhip…

And so on. Come help yourself. If you have a store or a venue where you’d like to offer these as freebies, let me know (I may go with just one seller, though, so there is a chance I’ll have to say no).

^^^\ Kate /^^^