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Now, I’m no expert on viewers. I use Snowglobe when I’m on an underpowered laptop I have, and I used to use Emerald, but mainly I use Linden Labs’ own Viewer 2, and I haven’t been looking around for another one. Why? Because I *love* the outfits feature. Do you know about this? It’s not how it used to work on the old viewer.

On the original Second Life Viewer, you probably know that you could assemble outfits, and all of the objects in that outfit that were copied would be copied to that folder, and all of the objects that were transfer would be moved to that folder to make it impossible to find them anywhere else. Since I hate for my inventory to be muddled, I basically never used the old outfits feature.

But the new one! So simple, and yet so good! With the new feature I can right click my avi, select Edit Outfits, and use the Save As option from the little menu at the bottom where it says Save. Everything stays in its original folder, but now you can click the outfits icon to see all of your outfits. It takes three clicks to change completely into a new outfit, including AO, skin, hair, clothing, attachments, and (in my case, of course) wings.

I admit, I spend a lot of time getting dressed. It’s not unusual for me to spend half an hour rummaging through my inventory to find exactly the right way to coordinate, say, my shoes and my earrings and my wings. And I like to combine things from different sets I’ve purchased without moving them around. For me, it’s wonderful to be able to feel as though I can save all those efforts and go back to that outfit whenever I like–even though I’m much more likely to put together a new outfit instead!

Unfortunately, one thing that can’t be preserved is settings for a particular item, for instance if I color a pair of wings to match a dress, or have my AO off because of dancing but want it to start out on. Still, I’m in love with this feature. 🙂