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It was four years ago tonight that I first came out blinking into the virtual light of a Second Life day. I used a tree branch in the newbie rezzing area as my changing room and spent hours and hours trying to learn my way around and especially to find something to do and someone to do it with.

Photo taken at Sinful Temptations Boutique (it's a cake you can pop out of)
Photo taken on a cake you can pop out of at Sinful Temptations Boutique

I’m in a very different place in my life now than I was then. I’m always busy, but these days I have some very specific priorities that demand more attention than the things I was playing around with in 2006. Together with my family, there’s also my First Life partner, who makes me profoundly interested in spending more time in what my friend Soph used to call the "atomic world" (which is to say, the one made up of actual matter).

I think this was on my very first day, or close to it. No wings yet, even! That’s Chastity Sin hovering over the water.

It surprised me recently, when I looked at some posts from the very beginning of this blog (started less than two weeks after I joined Second Life) to realize that my theory of what Second Life was good for then was pretty much exactly what it still is today: I think Second Life mainly serves us by filling in the things we’re not getting from our First Lives. Freedom to do as we please, wealth, youth, beauty, even friends are easier to come by in Second Life than they are in First. Relationships are much simpler (but perhaps no less likely to blow up! Even though none of my own ever did), escapes are much cleaner, and everything is much closer in Second Life. Even now, I’m drawn back to Second Life from time to time just because it’s so much easier to find a place to have fun and talk to interesting people. True, it’s much harder than it *needs* to be to do that, and sometimes you can go all evening without finding a single interesting person to talk to, but in First Life interesting people can’t be teleported to, and you can’t skip from one event to another and browse people’s profiles just by clicking on them. I wish you could!

My first "home," a tree branch in a public area. When I changed here, *usually* I didn’t get anyone popping in unexpectedly.

And yet I’m clearly on a general trend of drifting away from Second Life. Who knows if I’ll even be around for my fifth rez day? Most of the people I knew from long ago when I started are gone now. It’s fairly common for me to be in a room full of people and find that I’m the "oldest" one there. While Second Life is still so difficult and limited–more of a world-sized chat room you can build in than a different way of doing practical things like First Life shopping or having business meetings–maybe it’s doomed to be nothing more than a chapter, or a few chapters, in each of our lives.

But I’m not gone yet, so who knows? I’ve thought of myself as being on the way out the door for quite a while already. Maybe I’ll even be successful in getting Finch in, although why we would spend much time in Second Life when we can be together in First I don’t know.

Who else is here of old timers? How are you feeling about your Second Life? And in case I missed yours … Happy Rez Day!

^^^\ Kate /^^^