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I'm going to pass up something that sounds delightful, but I thought I should mention it in case you would like to take it up. It's called the Luxe Box.

Lately, I've been trying something new and completely different in Second Life: I'm trying to only buy things I know I'm going to use. Believe me, it's a departure! But getting a Maitreya Lara body (which was unexpectedly delightful, even though it was labor-intensive) caused me to decide to start my wardrobe over from scratch, putting aside most of my existing outfits.

That put me in a different situation than I had ever been in before. When I first joined Second Life, I was careful about what I bought, but I didn't have nearly the wardrobe I wanted. Later I bought things right and left, and some worked out wonderfully, while others I never wore because they didn't look good on me, or worse, they did look good, but I forgot about them!

What I've been doing in recent weeks is getting demos of almost everything I wear. Buying only Maitreya-compatible clothes takes care of most of the fit issues, too, so there's very little I've bought that didn't work out. I've had a lot of fun — too much fun, maybe! — methodically hunting down items to fill out my wardrobe … certain kinds of casual outfits, dressy outfits, club outfits, formal outfits, and so on. And my wardrobe is almost done!

Then something comes along called the Luxe box. This is a situation where a dozen or more top designers (like Blueberry and Magika, for instance), each contribute at least one surprise, exclusive item to a box that you can receive on the 15th of the month if you sign up and pay a L$1,500 fee. They just started in May.

Now, normally I wouldn't think about paying L$1,500 for anything sight unseen, but the things you get in this box are beautiful. For instance, a lovely little shingled house, a Pomeranian, two or three top-shelf hairstyles, four or five outfits or clothing items, and so on. If you like surprises and don't mind having some things in inventory that, however nice, aren't for you — or if you can bear to delete them, since they aren't transfer — then it may feel like Christmas every 15th of the month.

You can still get the box after the fact by paying L$2,000, so even if you have missed the boat on some past offerings, or miss the boat on signing up before midnight SLT this Friday, you can still join in the fun.

There's an explanation of how the Luxe box works at www.luxeboxsl.com, and answers to some questions at www.luxeboxsl.com/faq.

The Luxe Box is geared toward women, but there seems to be something new for men along the same lines called the Swag Bag.

I heard about this on Strawberry Singh's blog, and she has a fun video of her unboxing the May offerings. Take a look!