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Here’s something we have next to none of in Second Life: activities where you spontaneously interact with strangers!

Think how great that would be as a way to meet people. Most of the popular activities in Second Life, like exploring, shopping, dancing, surfing, and so on, offer people something to do in the same space, but then within that space, you don’t interact with anyone else unless you approach someone individually, or they approach you, or unless there’s lively and interesting public chat (which there rarely is).

I know there are exceptions. One is scheduled discussions, and if there were a lot of these, I think they might fill that gap, but I literally can’t remember the last time I found a scheduled discussion that turned out to be about something that really interested me and that was happening when I was available to go. I tried going to one last week that seemed open-ended, but turned out to be about dom-sub relationships, which just isn’t a topic that interests me.

D&S 2

I wasn’t as bored as I looked, even though the discussion wasn’t for me. I was just once again a victim of one of the few maladies Second Life shares with First Life: RBF (Resting Bitch Face) (No, it’s really a thing!)

D&S 1

Maybe there are limits to how many discussions you can have though, because maybe most resis want to go do something instead of only sitting around and talking? But maybe not. Have you been to any good discussions recently?

And then there’s role playing, of course, but that means taking on a role instead of meeting people as yourself. I’m sure for many people that’s a good thing, but in terms of Second Life having ways for people to connect and meet and share experiences, that avenue is limited to people who want to act out roles.


Other than that…well, other than that, I got nothing. I thought back over things I’ve done, and then I even went out and read lists and ideas like “Fun and Free Things To Do in Second Life” and “Things To Do In Second Life That Aren’t Embarrassing,” and even “What Else Is There Left To Do?” but I haven’t found any other activities where you have to interact with other participants and get to meet people that way.

What if there were group building activities that required cooperation, or get-togethers to give someone feedback on a new product or a build? What if Second Life had social games where you have to talk to other people to advance? The problem, though, would be finding something so appealing that a lot of people would do it…and then the other problem would be getting the word out so widely and so well that people would start doing something they’re not used to doing. What would really suck you in? What kind of activity, if you heard about it, would you clear your schedule to go to, maybe dragging along a friend?

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