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I’m sure I’m as much a part of the problem as part of the solution, but one of the real troubles with Second Life is that its raciness keeps it from being something we can easily talk about or do publicly.

two sides

I guess it all starts with everyone out there who has needs or desires to do with sex and romance and body image. We come to Second Life, and here’s a world where we can be sexy people and do sexy things without worrying about the consequences. But the more sexy people and sexy things there are in Second Life, the less comfortable people will be if they don’t want to see cleavage and X-rated pose balls everywhere, and the less we can, for instance, show our world to children, or to our easy-scandalized maiden aunts.

Then sexy people and sexy things attract other sexy people, who add more sexy things to the world, and all of these people do a lot of shopping, because even in Second Life looking sexy takes some effort. Then designers end up making sexy clothes because they’re much more popular than normal clothes, to the point where it’s really difficult to go out there with a mesh body and find anything to put on that isn’t low-cut, high-cut, keyholed, skin-tight, see-through, high-heeled, latex, or all of those together. (Although, OK, I’d be genuinely interested to see an outfit that was all of those together.)

When I first starting buying things from Addams, for instance, I was looking for tops that weren’t so low-cut, and I was thinking “Oh, here’s a great designer who offers that!” Afterward, though, I realized that Addams isn’t not sexy–it’s just differently-sexy. I mean, look at this top. It’s not exactly something you’d wear to a PTA meeting.

Addams top

Not that I would want the sexy parts of Second Life to go away! But that’s probably it…we probably can’t have it both ways.

So what are my unreasonable demands? Well, I wasn’t going to say, but since you asked, here they are.

  1. Fun, G-rated areas where there are interesting people in not-sexy getups and interesting things to do. I know, this isn’t an original idea, but I haven’t found a place where it’s done well (maybe because I’m always flouncing around in my short skirts and am not trying hard enough). Maybe you know one? This would be a place that would be so neat to go to where you wouldn’t mind if someone IM’d you and said, “Hey Kate, too sexy! Take it down a notch, OK?”, a place you could show your maiden aunt or a seven-year old.Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever having been offended anywhere at being told I was too sexy. It’s one of those things that doesn’t really bother me.
  2. Great clothing by great designers, including items for mesh bodies, that looks amazing but isn’t provocative. I know there’s a bit of this out there, but honestly, most of the really good stuff is designed to stop traffic. For example, take a look at the Luxe Box for July and tell me you’d wear any one of those articles of clothing to teach preschool.

Luxe Box July

I think that’s it. It’s a tall order, and I know it won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to mention Second Life and have someone say “Oh, you mean that great 3-D socializing environment?” instead of “Oh, you mean that sex game?”

^^^\ Kate /^^^