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Around the Friedsee region, part of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, there is a riding path that goes through a series of beautifully-landscaped areas where some of the citizens of the CDS make their homes. As part of CDS’s Oktoberfest celebration, yesterday Delia Lake, a designers of the sim, led a horseback tour of region and the trail. She’s leading another one today at 3pm SLT! If you’d like to go, you can go in world and IM her to transport you there. (Don’t be shy: she’s very nice.)

Click on the first picture to be able to see the slides at their proper size, with the commentary. More words after these pictures, by the way.

At the end of the tour we (me, Delia, Han Held, and Lilith Ivory) rode to my house in the nearby Alpine Meadow sim, where Delia pointed out that the water at the bottom of the tall cliff or slope behind my house contained water lily float sits and shell sits around the edge of the water and even a magic rock you can touch for swim animations. (OK, I know it’s not actual magic, but the fact that it’s hidden there more or less in plain sight makes it feel magical.)

And if you aren’t able to make it to today’s event, or if you want to repeat it (I’d go again in a heartbeat), IM me for a landmark to the starting point, where there’s a free horse rezzer! Just don’t look the horse in the mouth when you receive it: that’s bad form.

To use the rezzer,

  1. Select your horse
  2. Sit on the saddle. You’ll be given the horse you selected.
  3. Without climbing down off the saddle, wear the horse. Only in Second Life do instructions like these make any sense.
  4. Sadly, your horse goes empty and unscripted at the end of your ride, when you stand or detach it. Delete the horse from your inventory at this point (but you can always go back for another!)

I’m sorry my pictures of the ride aren’t more artful. I tried to take them as efficiently as I could while we were riding and talking, without holding things up too much, so I didn’t have the chance to play with Windlight or to get lots of interesting angles or anything. Have fun!

^^^\ Kate /^^^