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As you might know if you’ve seen some of my recent entries, I’ve just moved into a pretty little house by a waterfall in the beautiful Confederation of Democratic Simulators Alpine Meadow sim. To celebrate, I’m having a Housewarming/10th Rezday party Friday, October 7th, from 3:30 to 5:30 PM SLT, and you’re invited.

Disclaimer: not a picture of the actual party, which after all hasn't happened yet!

Disclaimer: not a picture of the actual party, which after all hasn’t happened yet!

By “you” I don’t mean just anyone (it’s certainly not the kind of thing I’d put in the events listing in Second Life search), but honestly, if you’re interested enough to be reading my blog, you’d be welcome there, and it would be fun to meet you. Please do bring friends or plus-ones if you’d like to.

As for things to do, there will be music from DJ GoSpeed Racer of Kona Radio, couples and singles dancing, a hot air balloon ride, free parachutes, wonderful scenery, amazing people, and fireworks. Let’s hope the fireworks don’t hit the hot air balloons and send them plummeting to the ground in flames…although wouldn’t that look amazing?

While you’re at the party, peep around at the CDS, a real community in Second Life with its own government. It’s a collection of delightful people living in a delightful place.

To get to the party, click here for a landmark, or just IM me (Kate Amdahl) in-world, and I’ll send you a teleport invitation.