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Since fitting myself up with a Maitreya body, I do take pictures of all of my outfits and keep them handy to decide what to wear, and I find that much easier and more rewarding than looking through named outfits. I blogged about this a little while ago. Now, Linden Labs has introduced a feature where you can preview all of your outfits right in the outfits tab, the Outfit Gallery. I should be delighted, shouldn’t I? But I’m really not. Maybe I will be with a future version?

picture by Jeremy Linden

picture by Jeremy Linden

I have a few specific things I don’t like about the Outfit Gallery, and they loom large enough that I don’t want to use it at all. Here’s what they are:

  1. The gallery comes up automatically now instead of your outfits listing, so if you aren’t using it, or haven’t uploaded your pictures yet, it just gets in the way. What’s worse, there doesn’t seem to be a setting to get it to bring up the normal listing instead! That’s an extra click every single time I open my outfits tab, which happens, um, pretty often.
  2. Maximum picture size: 256 by 256 pixels, so it’s like having a set of commemorative postage stamps of your wardrobe. I understand they don’t want to store a whole bunch of large, high-resolution photos, but if you want to see how you look in something, the best way is to see a large, high-resolution photo.
  3. You have to pay L$10 per outfit to save or upload your outfit picture. I admit, that’s not very much, but for tiny pictures in a built-in feature, that seems unnecessary. I understand the L$10 upload cost, to prevent people from uploading anything and everything and storing it forever on Linden Labs’ servers, but this situation seems like it could and should have been an exception.
  4. No zoom. The size you see is the size you get.
  5. You can only use it for outfits, not for individual items. This works fine for me for clothing, which I generally prefer to assemble into outfits anyway, but I’ve added a gallery of hairstyles (easily assembled from the outfit pictures I already had!) and will soon add one of shoes in Google Drive, and I can’t do that with this feature.

It seems like a nice idea. I appreciate that they’re paying some attention to the problem, anyway! Sigh. I may even try it, but I doubt I’ll find it a reasonable substitute for my high-resolution PNGs on Google Drive.

A few outfits in Google Drive

A few outfits in Google Drive

There are two things about it I like better than my current system though. First, of course, is that it’s integrated into the viewer. I don’t have to open a separate browser window and switch back and forth.

The other is subtle but useful: you can probably think of it if you compare the two images above for long enough. The Outfit Gallery has vertically-oriented (portrait) pictures, well-suited to showing thumbnails of entire outfits, while Google Drive shows pictures in horizontal (landscape) orientation, with no setting I can find to change that. As you can see, that makes previewing from thumbnails occasionally difficult. I could solve that by not uploading photographs cropped for vertical orientation, I suppose. That’s probably the smart move!

Have you used it? What do you think of it?