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On New World Notes, Hamlet Au reported that High Fidelity is hiring people to work 4-hour greeter shifts in a virtual world. Here’s the link to the ad.

high fidelity

High Fidelity, if you didn’t already know, is the next-generation virtual world by a team assembled by Philip Rosedale, aka Philip Linden, aka the creator of Second Life (who is no longer at Linden Labs. Linden Labs is creating a new virtual reality experience called Project Sansar).

Project Sansar Advertisement

Project Sansar Advertisement

Why do I think this is incredibly smart? Because it’s a direct and well-conceived approach to addressing probably the two biggest problems from which a fully operational virtual world can suffer: the learning curve for getting comfortable in that world, and the disconnect between the developers and corporate types on the one end and the actual users on the other.

A greeter can prevent all kinds of frustration and wasted time as new users get used to their surroundings. (For instance, on Second Life resi confessed recently in a Second Life forum post that for weeks after she joined, she assumed she had to park her avatar somewhere safe when she was logged off so that no one would do anything harmful or disruptive to it.)

A presentation on High Fidelity

A presentation showing off High Fidelity

A greeter can also gather unstructured, open feedback on the virtual world experience, quickly getting up to speed with resis’ joys and frustrations, and so act as a crucial link between residents and those who run the world.

None of this means I’ll be racing to join High Fidelity (or Project Sansar, for that matter). The most important things to me about Second Life are my friends, the social scene, my home in the CDS, and secondarily, my wardrobe. I’m certainly not planning on getting a virtual reality headset any time soon. None of those are going to be easily replicated in another virtual world, so for the immediate future, I plan to stay where I am, though I’ll probably explore these new worlds at some point before too, too long.

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