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I went more than ten years using the Linden Labs Second Life viewer pretty much exclusively. Not that I haven’t tried other viewers, or used Radegast in a pinch, but I haven’t really been inclined to go to the bother of switching.


So what changed? Why Firestorm? Is Firestorm better than the Linden Labs viewer? Honestly, I don’t know what changed, exactly. It’s just that I keep hearing people talk about the Firestorm viewer and that they prefer it, and I kept dabbling until I was sucked in, I suppose.

Now that I’m properly converted, though, I can find a lot of features that I like in this viewer!

  • There’s no outfit pictures page getting in the way of my outfits listing
  • I don’t have to redo my Windlight selection every time I restart (though maybe there was a way to lock this in with the Linden viewer that I didn’t know about?)
  • Firestorm has RLV capabilities, like automatic teleporting (and so on)
  • It seems to run more smoothly (for me, anyway)
  • You can copy/paste object settings, I’m told, which should make building easier if I do much more of at any point
  • There are handy buttons with an array of options in the chat window, so I don’t have to right click and navigate menus to get to some of things I would want to do while in chat
  • There’s a built-in multi-AO! It reduces lag and prevents me having to add a specific AO to every outfit. This is a great feature! Instructions are here: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/animation_overrider

So far, there’s really only one thing I can think of that I don’t like about Firestorm, and that’s the loss of the ESDF buttons to jump and fly. I do a lot of flying, and having to rely on one hand to do it all, with the PgUp and PgDown and arrow keys, isn’t as comfortable or intuitive for me. Then again, maybe I’ll like how much easier it is to type directly to chat, so it’s possible even that will turn into a positive. Or someone might tell me how I can enable ESDF, using some arcane setting deep in darkest corners of the options menus.

^^^\ Kate /^^^