This site is by and partly about the version of me that lives in the virtual world called Second Life, run by a company called Linden Labs (who in-world are sort of demigod-like entities known as Lindens). Second Life is an environment where “residents” (as we’re called) can be and create nearly anything. The software to access it is free, and you can download that at secondlife.com. Second Life has about a million active members, but is not nearly as well-known as it was some years ago, when people thought it might become the Next Big Thing. Unfortunately, it’s a little complicated to learn how to do everything you want to do in Second Life, which turns many people off, and there are technical limitations, like how many residents can realistically gather in one place, which turns off others.

In Second Life, I’m known as Kate Amdahl. I’ve been a Second Life innovatrix, socialite, part-time fashionista, and commentator. I’m often seen with wings, and I’ve written about Second Life culture, sex, connection, and progress here in this blog, which used to live over at kateamdahl.livejournal.com (but don’t worry: there’s nothing there that isn’t here). I’ve been in Second Life for quite some time, on and off, but I still love to explore, and I still make a fool of myself pretty regularly. How else do we learn the really tricky stuff?

I live in the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, or CDS, which is my favorite place in Second Life because it’s a true community, where you can get to know your neighbors and wander around and run into them serendipidously, and everyone has the opportunity to participate in the governance of our little country. It’s also beautiful and fun and connected, so that you can bike or ride or walk or fly from one end of this collection of sims to the other without glitches or ban lines or trouble. My house is an airy one-room stone cottage with an owl carved into the front door and a deck for celebrations, located in Alpine Meadow between a waterfall and the Cliffs of Insanity. It overlooks a lake and the town center far below.

You can write to me using the Contact page on this site, or you’re welcome to send a message to me in Second Life.