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photo by Grazia Horwitz

photo by Grazia Horwitz

For a long, long time, I’ve been after something that’s very elusive in Second Life: a place where you can reliably meet interesting people and have conversations. It wouldn’t be a dating venue or a game or roleplay: it would just be a place to talk about meaningful things with thoughtful people. Along with Eris Fallon, I even tried to build such a place, once upon a time! Actually twice, if you count one attempt that wasn’t a place. Three times, if you count The League of Friendly Hangouts! It’s easier said than done.

So I have two questions for any resident who likes to meet people and have interesting conversations. I hope you’ll answer in the comments, or by IMing me! I also intend to seek out some specific people and ask them directly. Here are my questions:

1. What, for you, is a good conversation?
2. Is there anywhere you go where you often find your kind of good conversation?

^^^\ Kate /^^^